About us


A motorcycle is an effective alternative to the use of cars and other automobiles, as it is considered a fast, light, environmentally friendly and more convenient form of transportation. Motorcycling is attracting the vast majority of the youth as it is first mobility choice. Nowadays, motorcycle sport has flourished and evolved to the point that all the various community groups show increasing interest in this sport all around the world.

The Center for Bikers ‘BATABIT’

HE THE Minister of Youth and Sports in the State of Qatar issued the decision No. 87 of 2014 (on 14 September 2014) licensing the establishment of the youth sport center to be named ‘Qatar Motorcycle Center’.

The Origin of ‘BATABIT’ Term

‘Batabit’ word is a Qatari old term colloquially called to the “motorcycle”.

The Objective of Establishing ‘Batabit’ Center:

‘Batabit’ center aims to effectively participating in building a generation of responsible riders equipped with the best riding skills and knowledge providing the young people with the opportunity to constructively spend their free time learning and participating in biking-related and sport activities.

Vision “Towards Biking for Mobility & for Plain Pleasure”

To generate and promote the positive aspects of safe motorcycling in the State of Qatar, enhance the safe riding culture among the various categories of Qatar community, improve the youth riding skills giving them a voice to express their ideas and thoughts and engage them actively in the community development efforts.


To support and enhance the vital role of the youth and the motorcyclists alike, by raising the awareness of the best riding practices and techniques and spread the massage of safe riding that leads to mitigate the reckless behaviour and negative practices of some of the motorcycle riders and work collaboratively towards a safer society.

Center Goals:

  1. Foster the positive perception and aspects for the safe motorcycling in the State of Qatar.
  2. Increase the awareness of the advantages of using the motorcycle as it is an eco-friendly alternative to the cars.
  3. Promote the team spirit and collaboration and strengthen the interaction among the motorcyclists.
  4. Define a set of rules and regulations related to motorcycling in the State of Qatar.
  5. Support the executed efforts and initiatives aim at boosting local and regional tourism, through ongoing communication and participation in the regional and international motorcycling races and events organized by the international motorcycle clubs and foundations across the world.
  6. Contribute in improving the youth skills and foster their national identity and pride.