General Guidelines for Riding a Motorcycle Safely:

  1. Conduct a safety regular inspection for your motorcycle before each ride such as checking the brakes, testing the lights & signals and change the tires whenever required.
  2. Wear a safety helmet as a precautionary step to protect your head from possible injuries as well as your face and eyes from weather and flying stones while riding.
  3. Avoid using earphones/earbuds while riding as it’s one of the driving distractions.
  4. Avoid cell phone use, whether for texting or talking, as this is a huge distraction.
  5. Be aware when you are riding on gravel roads as they are slippery and can be a cause of crashes specifically in the case of using the front brakes.
  6. Use the side-mirrors while riding.
  7. Use the turn signals when approaching intersections, slowing or coming to a stop either in traffic or parking up.
  8. Reduce your speed when it rains since the road surfaces are slippery which can make the riding very dangerous, especially for those who are usually riding light motor scooters.
  9. Sharing the road responsibly with large vehicles and trucks.
  10. Wear protective clothing including leather motorcycle gloves as they are comfy and easy wear as well as leather is a high abrasion resistant material. In addition, it is essential to wear a motorcycle boots that ensure your ankles protection.
  11. Wear a wide quality elastic kidney belt as Motorcycle Safety Foundation ‘MSF’ recommends using this elastic band intended to protect a rider’s internal organs from damage either from strain or shock.